When anyone looks

to work with a professional to lose weight, get healthier, and eat better, there are many types of professionals available to help including dietitians, Medical Weight Loss Physicians, a nutritionist, or a nutrition specialist. While all of these types of professionals are helpful for different people in different ways, it is essential to know the unique benefits of each to find which type of professional is right for you.

Weight Loss Professional: The Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

A Registered Dietician/Nutritionist is strictly focusing on the medical dietary needs of their patients. Many states use the term “Registered Dietician,” as the term “Nutritionist” may be restricted in some states. This person is a healthcare professional with proper training, certifications, and licensing to not only asses but diagnose and treat problems dealing with nutrition. This expert may not necessarily be interested in weight gain or weight loss but is the professional to be called if a person has an eating aversion or medical issue affecting their overall eating habits A registered dietician/nutritionist helps develop patient meal plans in a hospital or nursing home if there are medical needs. This professional works with people in need of support for chronic care/diseases.

Weight Loss Professional: Medical Weight Loss Physician

In contrast to a dietitian, a medical weight loss physician works with people looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. The goal is to use a healthy diet and exercise as well as therapies to help an individual lose weight. This may have little to nothing to do with a medical diagnosis that would require a dietitian. The idea here is to treat obesity as an illness in the same kind of way you would treat cancer or high blood pressure. The doctors help the patient through the weight loss journey with numerous tools to help them “get better” and put obesity in remission.


Weight Loss Professional: The Nutritionist

A nutritionist is not a medical provider or regulated health care professional. A nutritionist often holds a degree in nutrition. The goal of a nutritionist is to help their patients learn healthy eating habits through counseling, meal planning, and education.

Weight Loss Professional: AASDN Certified Nutrition Specialist

An AASDN Certified nutrition specialist is a specially trained and certified individual who understands the body and how it reacts to foods, ingredients, and exercise. This professional has advanced training in nutrition and coaching clients towards a healthy lifestyle. They often work closely with Registered Dietitians. This professional understands nutrition science and uses that knowledge to help their patients become healthier. This professional helps clients with weight loss, meal planning, autoimmune diseases, high cholesterol, hypertension, inflammation, arthritis osteoporosis, diabetes, and other issues affected directly by the diet.


Depending on your dietary needs, you may require any one of the above-mentioned weight loss professionals. If you are looking to work with a nutrition specialist to help use nutrition science to help you be the healthiest person you can be, contact Theresa Higgins at Living Healthier by Design Today. She will be happy to help you get on track to a healthier life.