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‚ÄčLearn A Healthier Way To Go Shopping
Our work shop will teach you the easy aisle-by-aisle grocery guide to fill your cart with healthier items and your family
Learn to eat better
Your like millions of people that shop every week, pushing your cart through your local supermarket on autopilot, reaching for the same items again, and again. But are these items foods your buying good for you? Healthy for you? Food that enable you to maintain or lose weight without comprising on taste or flavor?
We Review

Untitled-1 Produce
Untitled-1 Cereals
Untitled-1 Snacks
Untitled-1 The correct Staples
Untitled-1 Foods to Prepare Meals
Untitled-1 Canned Goods
Untitled-1 The Bakery
Untitled-1 Meat & Fish
Untitled-1 Your Freezer
Untitled-1 Lets not forget Dairy

Shopping Classes: $ 75.00
Shopping & Cooking Workshops combined: $150.00