Your body’s immune system protects you from disease and infection, but when you suffer from an immune disorder your immune system becomes dysfunctional and leaves the body prone to be attack by invading germs and infection, typically by becoming over or under active. There are over 80 different types of immune disorders. Some of the most commonly known immune disorders are Lupus (affecting the connective tissues), Type one diabetes (affects insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas), Rheumatoid arthritis (the chronic Inflammation of the flexible joints), and Multiple sclerosis (the chronic inflammation of spinal cord and brain tissues). But what are the causes to theses immune deficiencies? This is indeed a medical mystery, but it seems to me that we are forgetting about diet, nutrition and low amounts of stress that are key elements in maintaining a healthy lifestyle at any age. What we are putting into our bodies can have a huge impact on our overall health. If we don’t take care of it, we leave ourselves at risk for such diseases.
We all came with the wonderful thing called the “IMMUNE SYSTEM”. This is what keeps us healthy, as you may have heard before, 70% of our immunity lives in our gut, and yes while this is true, we still need to be mindful that our gut fights diseases, and keeps us healthy and not to forget keeps us regular. So when you scrape your knee, just know that it is the immune system that really heals you, it also goes for the common cold, yep again, it is the immune system that helps you get better. So case in point, we need to take care of our gut by eating the right foods, such as fruits, vegetables and fermented foods. These food contain a healthy bacteria that is key for optimal health. When we consume the wrong types of foods, such as process foods, it is actually depleting us of vital nutrients. While yes convenient, it may be this convenience that is putting us at risk for these types of immune disorders.