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Learn A Heather Way To Cook​

​Cooking is a dying art, becasue it take far to long with our busy schedules with convenience and processed foods cheap and tasty. Healthy cooking should not be a luxury, but a everyday event for good health and to lose weight.

Our workshop will take the steps to start you on the right path to making cooking part of your everyday life.​

You Will Learn

Untitled-1 How to make simple meals that are easy to prepare, healthy and taste great

Untitled-1 Learn how to make healthy food tasty

Untitled-1 Learn to eat real food

Untitled-1 Healthy cooking does not take more time than unhealthy cooking

Untitled-1 How to fight your taste buds

Untitled-1 The tricks to cut back your salt, not your flavor

Untitled-1 Cooking that fits your taste and lifestyle

Untitled-1 Great tasting meals for the Diabetic

Affordable and change your life!

Cooking Classes for three meals minimum: $85.00
Cooking & Shopping Workshops combines: $150