My Mission:

As a Nutrition Specialist and a Personal Trainer in Cinnaminson, NJ
I believe in individuality, it is about YOU and what works for only you, there is NOT a “one size fits all” program. I am not here to sell you any type of product! I am a wellness authority, and a supportive mentor that motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices, as well as educate and support clients to achieve their health goals, through lifestyle and behavior modifications.

About Theresa:

Very few of us are complete strangers to adversity, and Theresa has overcome more than her fair share of it. Details of her tribulations are not as significant as the struggles and effort that she had to put into overcoming them. Along with starting college and taking courses from the Institute for Integrated Nutrition, 

Theresa has been doing constant research about how the foods we eat affect us both physically and mentally. She is very passionate about her studies, and this is why working in nutrition is a great fit for her.

  Like so many women (and men) Theresa suffered from self-esteem issues, she never felt smart enough, thin enough, or pretty enough. Of course diet alone did not solve all of these issues, and this is why Theresa coaches a holistic program that not only teaches what to eat, but also helps improve self-image. She is a firm believer that the body, mind, and spirit all contribute to a person’s health and wellbeing.

  Theresa takes a realistic look at dieting, knowing that very few people will ever eat the perfect diet, and very few people know the difference between healthy eating facts and what marketing tells us is healthy. Her main focus is on educating people on the foods that they eat, and how to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods. Many programs offer quick fixes by using various products. Theresa`s approach is to create a program for each individual to suit their needs. What works for one person, does not work for all.
With Theresa Higgins’ passion for nutrition, and her desire to help people live healthy happy lives, she is the perfect choice if you are looking to lose weight or just learn how to eat healthier.