Theresa Higgins, HC, NS

Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer
Helping you to Live Healthier by Design

I offer nutrition counseling services in a comfortable environment for group or individual sessions, helping you every step of the way to achieve results. I provide education to help you rethink how you shop for food, cook and prepare meals, exercise, and approach your day to day stress.

My mission is to help you to gain optimal balance and harmony in your life, with holistic wellness coaching practices.

My Approach


As a Nutrition Specialist and a Personal Trainer in Cinnaminson, NJ, I believe in individuality. My program is about YOU and what works for only you.

There is NOT a “one size fits all” program.

I am not here to sell you any type of product! I am a wellness authority and a supportive mentor that motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices, as well as educate and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior modifications.

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It’s Time to Change Your Life!

About Theresa

Very few of us are complete strangers to adversity, and I have overcome more than my fair share of it. Details of my tribulations are not as significant as the struggles and effort that I had to put into overcoming them. Along with starting college and taking courses at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition, I have been doing constant research about how the foods we eat affect us both physically and mentally. I am very passionate about my studies, and this is why working in nutrition is a great fit for me.

Like so many women (and men) I suffered from self-esteem issues. I never felt smart enough, thin enough, or pretty enough. Of course, diet alone did not solve all of these issues, and this is why I coach a holistic program that not only teaches what to eat but also helps improve self-image.

With my passion for nutrition and desire to help people live healthy happy lives, I am a perfect choice if you are looking to lose weight or just learn how to eat healthier.

My Values & Beliefs

Your Health is more than your Diet

I am a firm believer that the body, mind, and spirit all contribute to a person’s health and wellbeing. A diet alone can’t solve your problems; a holistic approach combining better food, better exercise, and a better mentality is what can lead to improving one’s self-image.

A proper education is everything

I take a realistic look at dieting, knowing that very few people will ever eat the perfect diet, and very few people know the difference between healthy eating facts and what marketing 

(tells us is)healthy. My main focus is on educating people on the foods that they eat, and how to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods. 

There is no one-size-fits-all

Many programs offer quick fixes by using various products. My approach is to create a program for each individual to suit their needs. What works for one person, does not work for all.


When I first met with Theresa, i was scared that yet again another diet or fad diet wouldn’t work for me. I have tried so many of those shakes that you drink for breakfast and one for dinner, and i was to eat a healthy lunch. The problem was i did not know what a healthy meal was, so i gave it a try any way. Needless to say, those shake never did not work for me. I needed something different, i needed to learn what was healthy and what was not. That was exactly I learned from Theresa. I really enjoyed the the lessons on hidden sugar, to my surprise i was eating a whole days worth of sugar in one drink, that i thought was healthy. I saw her once a week and we did our lessons on a wide verity of things, from eating out to frozen foods and the salt that was in them. Each month she would do body testing, which included: measurements, blood pressure, blood sugar and a ph test. When ever I would lose inches or pounds, she was so happy for me, it was as if she was loosing the weight. lol Amber Hill

I was always under the impression that I was eating healthy. I was sadly mistaken. Theresa taught me that eating healthy was not the tasteless diet that I had been eating. She taught me how to have a very enjoyable diet of healthy foods. She didn’t try to sell me anything, or put me on the latest fad diet, just educate me on what I was eating. John Mickel

When I first started with Theresa, I was addicted to carbs, such as cakes, cookies, candy, etc. Getting off the Sugar ups and downs was rough at first, but when I was introduced to replacement foods, such as turning fruit into a sweet treats, to my surprise getting off the sugar, cakes and Candy was easier than ever. Now I am down 31 pounds and feeling much better. The energy that I am experiencing today is through the roof. Thank you Theresa Nina Pain

Its been a long journey for me. Being a bachelor and living by myself…by design, you will develop some BAD eating habits . We guys pretty much eat whatever we want. Eventually we pay the price.. A chance meeting of Theresa occurred at a customers house, and I knew as I asked her questions, that she was on fire with a passion to educate and direct all clients about proper nutrition and lifestyles. She has and is doing such a wonderful job with me. She has shopped and cooked for me, and with me. I am eating more vegetables salads low or no sodium foods and increased my intake of water. I plan ahead for lunch and dinner and have it readily available to eat while driving down the road, or when I finally do get home. I have lost inches & pounds. because I don’t want things to get so out of hand that I someday have a stroke.. I have been a handful, but Theresa has the patience and wisdom to deal with me . David E. P.

7 weeks ago I contacted Theresa about hiring her to be my health coach. I told her I’m just tired of the weight loss roller coaster and wanted a lifelong love of healthy but realistic eating. Best decision ever!!

Each week she comes to my house. Theresa has not only taught the pickiest eater on the planet about nutrition, she has taught me the importance of exercise and overall health. She monitors my bp, sugars, etc.

Today I am ?? pounds lighter and ?? inches smaller (even with the holidays) and as much as that makes me happy….I am more excited about this new doable lifestyle and how much better I feel!

If you are ready for a change, do yourself a favor and reach out to Theresa. You’ll be glad you did!!

Mary Ann Maybury Fox

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